Enjoying the Beautiful of Tambora Mountain

As a country with a circular ring of fire, Indonesia has many volcanoes towering. One of which is Tambora Mountain located in Sumbawa, West Nusa Tenggara. The mountain is quite popular to foreign countries because of the eruption of extraordinary events that occurred in hundreds of years ago. This mountain is also one of highest mountain in Indonesia with an altitude of 2.851 m above sea level. Besides known for its height, the Mountain is also very famous for its crater, known by the nickname 'The Greatest Crater in Indonesia' because it has a very large size. The wide crater on the Mountain is 7 km, around 18 km and a depth of up to 800 m.

Of course, the highlight of Tambora Mountain is not only on the size of the crater. This Mountain has incredible natural beauty. You can find a large desert located along the lip of the crater. Moreover, you can find a stretch of relationship edelweiss plant known as perennial flowers. Besides that, you also can find wonderful variety of layered rocks that looks like a table that presents a natural phenomenon. When you are at the top of this Mountain, you will get truly captivating natural scenery. You can see the beauty of the crater, small Islands that are around, the ocean, and of course the amazing desert.

Tambora Mountain is extremely newsworthy as one Tourist destination for storing diverse wealth of flora and fauna are still so maintained continuity. This will not only provide stunning natural charm, but you also can enjoy and feel the atmosphere and the natural atmosphere is still so beautiful and natural. You should not forget to stop by and make the climb to the mountain when you are in West Nusa Tenggara of Sumbawa.
Many people who like to climb a Mountain with a select various characteristics and particular characteristics. If you also like a trip to the Mountain climbing, you can enjoy your trip to climb the highest Mountain on one of these. To get to the location of this mountain, you can take the Airline to the Airport Bima. Furthermore, you can go to the village of Kandidi that can be taken approximately 4-5 hours drive from the Airport. You may be able to rest in advance of the village before continuing to climb. To make the climb, you can find multiple choice travel routes. One route that has been chosen is through the west using Pancasila Village to get to the west caldera. The route can be taken for 2 to 3 days of climbing.

If you are not yet so familiar with the terrain in the area, you can consult to the manager or guide to choose the route that is safe and convenient to be reached. During the trip in the climb, you can enjoy a variety of beautiful scenery. You will pass through forest vegetation is still very natural. Then, you will pass through vegetation edelweiss is so amazing. Moreover, lastly, you can get the treats scenic desert vegetation that is so fascinating. Arriving at the Peak of Tambora Mountain, you will get a view that is so captivating. You can see the natural beauty in the whole area of West Nusa Tenggara, including the beauty of the green lake at the base of the volcano crater.
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