Tanjung Aan Beach

Magnificent Beaches in South coast Lombok

Lombok Island in Indonesia offers so many amazing, beautiful beaches, especially on the south coast. Tanjung Aan beach is just one of those beaches, where it is known as the home of legendary Princess Mandalika. With more than 2 km stretched coastline, the beach brings a beautiful view, facing the Indian Ocean. The sand is one special thing you can find here because it is like a pepper.

Tanjung Aan beach is located about 75 km away from the capital of Lombok, Mataram or about 3 km from Kuta beach, Lombok. You need 1.5 hours to reach the beach if using land transportation, especially car and motorcycle. The route you have to follow from Mataram is Mataram > Cakranegara > Kediri > Praya > Batunyale > Sengkol > Rambitan > Sade > Kuta > Tanjung Aan Beach. If you choose public transportation, then you have to go to Sengkol first and continue the journey to Kuta beach. From Kuta, you need to take motorbike service or renting a motorcycle to go to Tanjung Aan. That is the reason why public transportation is not suggested.

Tanjung Aan Beach is perfect for people who are searching for a beach that can be used for snorkeling or swimming. It is because this beach has smooth flowing waves with medium height, so it is friendly to do some activities there. If visitors do not bring snorkeling or swimming equipment, they can get it from the rental near the beach. When the wave is getting high, especially in the late afternoon, this beach will be visited by many surfers.

The beach is surrounded by some hills and visitors can easily access or climb it if they want to see the view from higher ground. Another exciting way to enjoy the beach is using a wooden umbrella with a straw roof that can be easily found here. Lying under the umbrella, visitors can tan their skin and drink some coconut water that also can be bought from the merchant nearby. There are also restaurants where various foods and beverages can be enjoyed while watching the beautiful beach view.

During the holiday season, domestic tourists from Java or other islands fulfill the beach. But, in February, there will be many tourists from other countries and local tourists at the beach. At that time, the local people celebrate the annual Bau Nyale ritual. This traditional ritual is closely related to a legend or tale about princess Mandalika who sacrifice herself by jumping to the Indian Ocean. He did that to stop a prince who wanted to marry her. Local people believe the princess was never dead, but her soul incarnated into sea worm called Nyale. During the celebration, thousands of people go to the beach and look for the colorful worm; they will bring it home and cook it.

Experts said that Nyale actually is just a sea worm species that in the certain season or moment usually “bloom” and come to the shallow area. Some other beaches in Indonesia also have it, especially Sumba, Maluku, and Lombok.

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