Semeti Beach Lombok

The Beauty of Natural Aquarium

Have you ever seen a man-made giant aquarium? You may have, but have you seen the natural one? you may not. Lombok Island has its incredible nature with the natural aquarium that is nowhere to be found. It can be the one and only in the world and you shouldn’t miss it. Located in Semeti Beach, the natural aquarium is lined between sturdy giant coral reefs that are truly wonderful. This combination can make you feel as if you are in a different world. If you love Beach, but you want something unique to enjoy instead of just a long line of white sand and clear Water, this is the best place to visit.


Located in Selong Belanak Tour sector and lined with some other beautiful Beaches: Ruwuk Beach, Mawun Beach and Mawi Beach completed with their beautiful white sand, Semeti Beach provides its unique feature with the rocky hill between the wavy water. This Beach is kind of hidden since it has a quite small area compared to other Beaches nearby. This is small, beautiful and peaceful. It is not crowded with Travelers or surfers like the Mawi Beach. So this is a great destination for those who want to stay for a while in a quite, peaceful place as an escape from the busy world.

In order to get there, it takes two hours from Senggigi with the road is still natural with soil and a little grasses gives you more challenge to reach its hidden beautiful Beach. Once you get there, you will find some sturdy giant coral reefs laid between the clear and fresh water with some water creatures under it. hidden under the coral reefs, the fish are swimming and dancing in the water while you can sit and enjoy the view from on top of the coral reefs.
However, you cant swim and get down to the water because it is quite deep. So just stand on the coal reefs or sit down on there to enjoy the overall view of the Beach. While sitting near the Beach, you can take some time to do fishing. This is what most visitors do. They like fishing even if they don’t also, this Beach has aquite big wave that you should be aware of. You need to choose the coral reefs near the land so that you can easily step back in case the waving is getting higher.

The pretty and cute fish swimming in the water between the coral reefs is what is called as the natural aquarium. This excellent combination is truly refreshing and mesmerizing at the same time. The coral reefs have hollows, which are filled with swimming fish and clean water of the Beach, making them look more amazing. Not only the giant coral reefs you can climb on, there are also some smaller stones cover the side area of the beach. This is a nice place to just sit, breath in the air and enjoy the scenery by sweeping the view in front of you.

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