Merese Hill

Catch the amazing scenary above the hill

You may have already visited some amazing locations that exist in Indonesia. However, have you ever visited to Merese Hill in Lombok? If not, you should not miss to visit there and be prepared to fall in love with the stunning beauty there. Lombok is one area that is east of the island of Bali with a variety of tourist wealth of extraordinary and charming good nature tourism, cultural tourism, culinary tours, and more. It seems very appropriate that the region is known as the perfect place to fall in love.

If you have a vacation planned in the near future, you may not need to choose the way to go abroad. You can choose one of the charming tourist areas in Lombok precisely in Central Lombok. You can find a hill known as Merese. The hill is also known as the hill of love because it has a beauty so extraordinary that could describe the feeling of someone who is in love. This beautiful and amazing hill is in the area of Tanjung A'an. This beach has white sands and bluish-green clear water. The waves at the beach area are quiet as it is located between two headlands hilly.

Achieving Merese Hill neighborhood is also not a difficult thing to do. If you drive from Mataram, You can reach the beautiful tourist area of approximately one and a half to two hours drive. However, if you are from Lombok International Airport, you only need about 45 minutes to an hour drive to reach the beautiful Hills and headlands in Central Lombok district. Access roads leading to the tourist area are good enough where the asphalt road conditions are available in good condition. After enjoying the beauty of Tanjung A'an Beach with stunning scenery, you can continue the journey by footpaths to get to the beautiful hillside location. In this case, you may have a little fight. You should also not forget to bring drinking water to quench thirst during trekking.

Reaching the top of a beautiful hill in Central Lombok may require energy and effort. However, when you are already on top, you will realize how beautiful and stunning scenery that you can see. From that altitude, you can see the view of coral reefs as stagnant in the middle of the clear water like crystal. You can also see the green grass rug that lay around the hills. You can see the amazing view of some of the other beaches around Tanjung A'an, which offers a perfect view of the beautiful region. At the peak of the hill, you can also watch their cows, goats or buffalo grazing farmers. This adds to the beauty of the scenery in the area.

Vacationing does not have to visit places is expensive not because by being in a place so close to nature though, you can find a fabulous paradise. In one of the Hills in the Central Lombok, you can find a variety of beauty that may not be able to be found in other places. You can see the green hills of the stunning expanse of grass that looks like a tapestry, the beach looks so amazing, and the existence of livestock increasingly beautify scenery. With a variety of beauty offered, you definitely not want to miss to spend a holiday with a visit to Merese Hill.

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