Mawun Beach

Enjoy the Beauty of the Exotic and Fascinating Beach

Lombok Island has many coastal areas. One is Mawun Beach Lombok that may not have been too familiar to many travelers. The beach condition is relatively very beautiful and natural. However, facilities and infrastructures that exist in this area are still relatively minimal. Moreover, the spread of information about the beach this one is still minimal. This is why not many tourists who know and come to visit the beach area. The beach location is also quite hidden and distant when taken from the city of Mataram. Travelers who want to come to this beach have to travel about 2 hours by using a motor vehicle. The coastal area is located in the village Tumpak, Pujuk District, Central Lombok.

Although located quite a distance, the beach actually has charm very appealing so it should not be missed. When in this coastal region, you can find a variety of exotic beauty panorama. You can see the expanse of white sand beaches as is so often you find at some other beaches in Lombok. Situation in coastal areas is also still very clean and free of litter. It certainly becomes a very pleasant thing. You can find clear seawater with blue color makes the atmosphere feel more comfortable and soothing. Located on the beach can provide a peaceful atmosphere that cannot be described. You can enjoy the breeze and the waves are gently into a rhythm in the rhythm of nature are so beautiful.

Mawun Beach Lombok is part of the bay so that the coastline has the shape of a horseshoe with two hills located on the east and west. The location of the beach is in the bay also makes the characteristics of the waves in this coastal area is not too large. However, when you are on vacation to the beach area with the children, you should still provide enough oversight underlying because steep coast that could make your child go into deeper parts of the beach.
With waves does not pick too flat and not too big, you can enjoy a moment on the beach with various activities. One is surfing. In addition, you can also spend time relaxing by the beach circuitry. Moreover, for lovers of photography, you should not miss to visit the beach this one. You can capture the beauty of natural scenery that extends in this area. Not only the view of the beach and the sea, you can also make two mountains flanking the entry water of sea-lanes as objects stunning photography.

Itineraries to get to one of the beach in Lombok are indeed quite far. However, during the journey, you will get a treat scenery and stunning natural beauty so that you can enjoy a trip away without feeling bored. During the trip, you will pass through some of the hills followed by valleys and grass along with livestock. It can be a very pleasant journey with the natural beauty. However, you will also find a sharp incline with derivatives that are not too steep. At the top of the incline, you can utilize opportunity to enjoy the beauty of some stretches of beach. The natural beauty is certainly not going to make travel far to reach Mawun Beach Lombok was so much fun.

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