Mangsit Beach

Enjoy the Fun of Holiday in Mangsit Beach Lombok

Lombok Island has become one of the regions with a variety of beauty and natural wealth. One of them is the beauty that is available in Mangsit Beach Lombok. This calm beach is situated not far from Senggigi Beach Lombok.

The coastal area is very suitable be selected to cool off from the various routines and commotion going on in the city or working arch. This beach is located in West Lombok district with a coastline is long and slightly curved shape so that this coastal region could also become an attractive option as an exciting playground. Coastline is bordered by high cliffs on the right and left.

The Beach is gorgeous and quiet is located approximately 50 km from the city of Mataram which could be taken about 2 hours drive. This could be an alternative to Destinations other than the Senggigi Beach. The Beach area is not as busy as Senggigi Beach is already very well known.

The Beach is likely to be more suited to be the choice for you who are looking for tranquility. Stretch of Beach that stretches along the cool sea breeze to provide comfort during a visit to the beach. On the back of the beach there are palm trees that make the atmosphere on the Beach was more beautiful. You can also watch a herd of cows foraging. This scenery you can enjoy while at the Beach area.

Mangsit Beach Lombok is not yet too crowded with visitors so that leads to the Beach access are also still quite difficult. You can use the services of rental Motorcycles or cars to reach the Beach area because so far no public Transportation using the route to a quiet Beach on the West Lombok. This Transportation problem seems to be a bit of a challenge to reach the coastal areas are quiet and beautiful. However, you will not be difficult to find accommodation and lodging facilities around this Beach area with a variety of quality and service start Resort, Villa, or a Hotel.

The main activities that you can do in this coastal region are snorkeling. You can explore the beauty and panoramic underwater doing it. You will get treats views of marine life that is still awake at the beach area. Located in the coastal areas of peace and quiet, you might not want to do a variety of activities that require energy. You can relax on the beach to feel the atmosphere of nature is so calm and reconcile. You can see the natural beauty that presented ranging from white sand overlay, coastal waters are turquoise, as well as gentle ocean waves. In addition to snorkeling, you can also enjoy the beauty of the sunset. The beauty of the sunset is presented in this coastal region inviting many visitors and photographers to capture the beautiful moment.

Indonesia is rich in various natural Tourist Destinations that are still so beautiful and maintained. One is what you can encounter on the island of Lombok. The island is still quite beautiful that offers not only natural beauty but also the local wisdom that is still quite awake. Explore in some areas of the country certainly no less exciting than when you choose a vacation abroad. Moreover, you should not miss to spend your vacation this time in Mangsit Beach Lombok good to serenity yourself or to enjoy being with family and friends.

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