Lingsar Kelod Temple

The Oldest Temple in Lombok

Talk about Lombok Island is never enough. Lombok Island has a good panorama that you should know. When you are busy with your job then you can get your stress release there. Indonesia is a lucky country because it has so many beautiful islands that have a good place to visit. You can have your travel list around Indonesia to enjoy the beautiful scenery and the warm people that will welcome you greatly. Lombok is the good choice to make you have a good time during your holiday.

One of the good places in Lombok Island that you should visit is the Lingsar Kelod Temple. This is the oldest temple in Lombok that still exists until now. The diversity looks so deep when you come there. When you come to this temple you can find two different religions that can live happily together. People around this temple can coexist very well. If you are lucky when you visit this Lingsar temple then you can see the traditional ceremony. The Lombok local people still keep the traditional ceremony to remember and appreciate their ancestor. That becomes the good value from this island that Islam becomes the majority religions believe by the people.

Lingsar temple is not only the oldest temple but also the biggest one. This temple is the symbol of the Islam and Hindu religion that lives together in one place. You can see the combination of those two religions in this temple. The ritual of Islam and Hindu can run together without any problem. When you come to this temple then you have to follow the rules. Every visitor must wear the yellow shawl as the honored symbol. The Islam people can run their religion well and also the Hindu. The other uniqueness of this temple is that once in a year the local people always make an event that involving both religions.

The ritual name is Perang Topat. The ritual is usually done before the planting season and after the rainy season. The meaning of this ritual is to give the planting result to the God. They want to say thank you to the God for the blessing and the life that they already have. You can choose the time when the ritual happens when you want to visit Lombok. It will be the precious moment that you will never forget. The international and local media also love to see this event in Lombok. This event can be the good thing for us to learn about the diversity.

Besides the oldest and the biggest temple, Lombok also has other good things that will make you fall in love. You have to visit the pink beach that will make your holiday become more priceless. The fresh sea water and the clean pink sand will make you really enjoy the life. Just make sure you have your Holiday list and book the ticket to Lombok from now. Do not forget to buy the original pearl in Lombok and bring it as the souvenirs to your beloved family at home.

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