Kenawa Island

A Little Heaven of Kenawa Island Sumbawa

Many people may only know Bali Island as a tourist destination with a diverse area east of charm and exotica. Now, you should not miss to enjoy the beauty and charm of one of the tourist destinations in the province of Nusa Tenggara Barat, precisely in Sumbawa. There is a small island, Kenawa Island, which is located in West Sumbawa regency. Not too many people have heard the name of the small island.

For those of you who have plans to make a trip, there is nothing wrong if you choose the Kenawa Island as one tourist destination in this holiday. Although the island is regarded as a small island, there are a lot of wealth and exotic charm that will not make you regret having visited there. Itineraries can be taken to reach the island begins with boarding the ferry from Kayangan Port that is located in East Lombok. The trip by ferry takes about 1 to 2 hours to get to Poto Tano Port that is located in West Sumbawa. You will see how beautiful the Poto Tano Port. When you imagine a port that is dirty, full of hustle and noisy, you would be wrong. This port offers a very beautiful view with all the aesthetic and natural charms. You can see the clear blue seawater.

After arriving at the Poto Tano Port, you can start to continue the journey on foot about 10 minutes to the fishing port. You can hire a fishing boat that will take you to the island Kenawa because so far there has been no large vessels that serve as a means of transportation to the island. While in the fishing area, you will get a warm welcome and friendly. The cost of renting a boat as transportation to the island Kenawa is about 350 thousand to 400 thousand rupiah. These costs include the fee of full way without a time limit. The trip to the island is about 25 minutes. You will be enchanted when seeing the beauty that you see from a distance. The little island has a wooden pier that is right in the middle of the island. When you reach the edge of the island, you will be greeted with views of white sand stretching on every coast of the island. Meanwhile, in the central part of the island, you will see a stretch of pasture with tall reeds that will make you feel being in a small paradise dazzling.

A vast plain on the small island is about 15 hectares and there is a small hill in the middle. The island is an uninhabited island and yet there is electricity and clean water. For those of you who want a taste of life in the wild, a camping trip in the island may be an option that is quite interesting because you will feel the sensation and experience a truly different from your everyday life. When night falls, you can enjoy the beautiful expanse of stars in a dark sky. The beauty of the sunrise on the island is also very amazing. You can enjoy the beauty and wealth of the sea by snorkelling. Kenawa Island can bring you into a fantasy life that is so close to nature. It could be a small heaven in one corner of Indonesia so fascinating with all the wealth and natural beauty.

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