Gili Nanggu

Home for the Beauty of Nature

West side of Lombok Island offers a place called Gili Nanggu, an Island which became a part of three small Islands in the same area. Indeed it is small Island, but Gili Nanggu offers something big for Tourists who’d like to spend their Holiday in the West side of Lombok Island. The Island has a beauty that is rarely known by many people. Not surprisingly Gili Nanggu referred to as a sort of deserted island, making it suitable to be a place to relieve tired. However, just don’t imagine Gili Nanggu as a completely deserted Island with no inhabitants and no crowds inside.


There are many sellers of food and drinks around Gili Nanggu, so you do not have to worry about hunger or thirst. Furthermore there are many boats that can be rented and all of them is moored around the coast. Although rarely known by the Tourists, the Gili Nanggu comes with complete Tourist facilities. You'll have no trouble when trying to access the boat (to explore around the Island) or when trying to buy food and drinks. The place is also known as a perfect Island where you can do snorkeling to enjoy the beauty of the sea.


Which sport in Gili Nanggu is the best for snorkeling? Some say it is the East side of the Island, where there are lots of beautiful fish congregate. But the south side of Gili Nanggu is also no less beautiful than the East side, because the coral reef gathered in the section. We recommend that you choose daylight hours to do snorkeling, because the seabed is still clearly visible and the wind and ocean currents is not too tight. Along the coast visitors will easily find cottages and bungalows, each with a design that follows the Sasak people's homes. So basically visitors will easily recognize the traces of the culture of Lombok when visiting Gili Nanggu.

To reach Gili Nanggu, visitors should Rent a boat either from the the port of Lembar or Tawun. From Tawun, Gili Nanggu can be reached within 20-30 minutes, whereas it only needs 35-40 minutes of sailing from Lembar. No freight ferry heading to the Gili Nanggu, so it is only rented boat that will take you there. Most people will find it difficult when looking for a place to spend a Holiday, but Gili Nanggu in Lombok will help you rest your mind from the entire bustle.


In addition to its beautiful beach, Gili Nanggu also became an Island where Sea Turtle Conservation Program has been functioning there. About 4,500 sea turtle were hatched under the program which was firstly started in 1995. The best thing is that the program incorporates traditional values, and thus it is forbidden to sell sea turtle eggs in a free market (i.e. fishermen). Thus, in addition to the opportunity to relax and eradicate fatigue, Gili Nanggu also provide an opportunity for people to get involved in nature conservation efforts. If lucky enough, visitors can enjoy a moment in which the baby sea turtles released into the sea.

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