Batu Payung Beach

An exotic naturally-carved stone

Have you ever heard of Batu Payung Beach? For students of advertising, this coastal area is perhaps not too new for this beach area never appeared in a leading tobacco product advertising that ultimately makes many people feel curious about the beauty of this beach directly. The beach is known as the rock umbrella because in this coastal region there is a large rock shaped like an umbrella. However, you should not imagine that stone umbrella could be used as a shelter in the time of the heat or rain because the rock has the shape of an umbrella that rises up to the bottom of which is the stand of smaller stones.

The unique beach is located on the island of Lombok precisely in the District Pujut, Central Lombok regency in the south. The location is adjacent to the coast of Tanjung Aan. Therefore, when you visit the area of Tanjung Aan Beach, you should not miss to stop at the beach is unique because the beach is only separated by a hill. There is a variety of unique offered Lombok tourist area of this one so it is worthy to serve as one of the destinations in the list of tourist visit you.

This unique beach is located in Central Lombok district and became one of the excellent beaches among several other beaches in Lombok. In addition to the uniqueness of a rock called like an umbrella, the beach is also different from the other coast. The beaches have white sand and there are only big rocks and coral shaped like an umbrella earlier. The uniqueness of the coast does not just stop there. You can get uniqueness in the beautiful coastal region that is the hill covered with grass. The sides of the beach there are only big rocks-rocks of unique and exotic.

For those of you who are interested to visit the Batu Payung Beach, you do not have to worry about the travel route. The route leading to the beach is not difficult. you can look toward Mandalika Beach formerly known as Kuta Beach Lombok. In addition, you can also directly towards Tanjung Aan. After arriving at Tanjung Aan, you can walk down the beach about 30 minutes. Location beach with large rocks and shaped as an umbrella turns out there beyond the hill across the ocean is visible from Tanjung Aan Beach. Another alternative to reach the beach is unique in Central Lombok is by boat from Tanjung Aan Beach for about 15 minutes followed by walking for five minutes. Mileage can be reached from Mataram city to get to the beach is about 65 km which can be gone for about an hour travel by motorcycle or car.

Although this coastal area has a beautiful stretch of sand, this beach apparently could become an attractive option for a visit. In fact, many couples take advantage of the unique beauty of the Beach area as the location pre-wedding photo session. However, when you walk down the rocks at the beach area, you should be careful because the moss that grows on the rocks will be very slippery. With all the uniqueness, Batu Payung Beach region could become one of the tourist destinations of interest to visit, especially for you who like to explore the natural beach.

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